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  • Nomex – Flame Resistant conti-suits that last!

  • Published 19 Jul 2018

Nomex – by Du Pont – has a revolutionary lightweight, heat and flame-resistant (FR) material for many different applications in many different industries. Conti-suits made from Nomex are inherently flame resistant because the suit is made of inherent heat and flame-resistant fibres as opposed to chemicals being added to the suit to make it heat and flame-resistant.

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  • Stel Stylianou – The founder of DROMEX

  • Published 24 May 2018

The original business was founded in 1998 as Industrial & Marine Sealing Systems (IMSS) by our CEO, Stel Stylianou.

The core focus of his business, operating from 750m2 warehouse, was supplying marine based products to ship chandlers as ell as other goods, including personal protection equipment (PPE), to industrial distributors nationally.