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  • Nomex – Flame Resistant conti-suits that last!

  • Published 19 Jul 2018

Nomex – by Du Pont – has a revolutionary lightweight, heat and flame-resistant (FR) material for many different applications in many different industries. Conti-suits made from Nomex are inherently flame resistant because the suit is made of inherent heat and flame-resistant fibres as opposed to chemicals being added to the suit to make it heat and flame-resistant.

This means that the heat and flame-resistant fibre within the conti-suits will never ware away or wash out of the suits. The Nomex fibre helps minimise break-open and maintains a stable barrier that will not move between the fibre and skin, which helps protect the wearer against direct exposure from anything harmful. The fibres in the conti-suits helps the fabric form a tough, protective char, staying supple until it cools down. Burn trauma is avoided as the suits will not melt or drip onto the skin.

One of the major industries to use Nomex is the oil and gas industry. The dangers of working in this industry are plentiful, hence the use of Nomex. The hazards that plague the industry are being exposed to fire, explosion, electric arc or harmful chemicals that these working environments are characterised by. The aforementioned characteristics prove that it is imperative for workers in the oil and gas industry to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Nomex clothing offers proven protection against intense heat and flame, molten metal splashes and chemical splashes. Nomex also has fabrics that are laminated or coated for barrier protection against hazardous chemical penetration.

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing this inherently flame resistant conti-suit is that it has an average lifetime of many years. That’s five times higher than other conti-suits that are FR treated, which results in a reduced cost of ownership. The cost per wear of FR garments with Nomex is 45% less than the FR treated conti-suits. The Nomex FR conti-suit may initially increase the company’s overhead costs but in the long run it is a sound investment.

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